VPS get!

I finally found one – my shiny new semoweb VPS gets me 30GB of storage, 300GB bandwidth, 256MB dedicated RAM and 512MB burstable, for only twenty-five pounds a year. The interface is a little clunky, but I just use Putty instead, and my linux-savy friend has been helping me get used to the Ubuntu command-line interface. I can’t really tell how quick it is yet, but it shoud be good enough for me. My domain now points to the VPS’s IP too, so in the future you’ll be able to reach my site at http://www.confect.co.uk

Today I was hard at work setting up pages for my flash games here on my blog. They can be accessed via the Games tab at the top of the page, and have links to play Jetpack Paladin, UFO: ATK, and UFO: noir on pages hosted on my VPS, as well as descriptions, instructions, and controls for each game. Load times may be noticably slow given the size of the files and the cheapness of my VPS.

Tomorrow, if I have time amongst working on university tasks, I plan to flesh out this space some more, with information about current, past and future projects.


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