Still Alive

Whoops. Another chunk of time flown by. University is really begining to sink it’s teeth in now. Between that, looking for work in preparation for next year, and slotting in some time for personal interests, I’ve been hard pressed to find a moment to sit down and write a considerate blog entry.

Most of my time has been spent on Console Development and Introduction to 3D Graphics Programming modules at University; drawing primatives in MIPS assembly for the Console Dev assignment has been a nice change of pace from working on my software renderer in C++, and there are even algorithms such as Bresenham’s line drawing algorithm and the Cohen-Sutherland line clipping algorithm that I have had to write for both projects.

Speaking of my software renderer, Pastry3D is coming along nicely, with working triangle rasterization, and the foundations of shading now in place. There are still bugs to find, work to be done on the shading, and I’m litterally just about to start refactoring the project to get rid off some dead weight, but I’ll extend it’s page when that’s sorted and add some more pictures. I’ll also put up pictures of my MIPS renderer soon, and maybe even the assembly code a while after the assignment hand in.

I’ve saved the best news till last though: Since I’m living with other programmers from my course, all of whom share a passion for making games, the four of us figured that working together on one project would be a lot of fun, a great way to expand our teamwork skills, and completely do-able even with our current workload. We already have the bulk of our engine set up, and I’m eager to start work on an awesome game with my friends. More to come.


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