I was gonna mention this yesterday, but I figured one post was enough; I’ve fleshed out my new YouTube channel with a few old videos so that there’s actually something there to see. There’s a couple of old animations, some gameplay footage of Jetpack Paladin and Total Collapse, and a video of me playing Gremlins 2. Not a lot to be getting on with, but I’ll try to put up something more whenever I can.

In other news, I’ve started looking into Java as a potential platform for any future personal projects of mine. Java is simple, more portable than XNA, and learning another new programming language is always fun. University work has let up a bit for the time being, but assignments are soon to be set so I need to make the most of the next couple of weeks. I hope to multitask during my learning period in Java by also prototyping a secret project of mine, and building a usable backend so that at the next opportunity that presents itself I’m ready to start work on it. Still, that idea is going to remain conceptual for a long time, and I have another game to start work on soon with my friends here at home.

I’ve also been continuing my search for a work placement next year, and have come across some really interesting games in the process. Maybe I’ll post some information about that later on. As I write this I’m listening to a recent album by the chiptune composer RushJet1, who you should really check out if you’re into that sort of thing.


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