Four days

I have an interesting timetable for university this semester, requiring that I attend lectures and tutorials only three days out of the week – and then only for a few hours at a time in the morning or afternoon. It’s rather different from last year’s timetables, which had lectures, tutorials and seminars scattered all over the place, and it took some getting used it. What it means, however, is that I have two afternoons, one morning, and then four full days who’s happenings are left entirely up to me. I really like it. Four days of no set timetable means I can work under my own conditions rather than being forced to work in the labs between lectures, and having just emerged from one of these long weekends I can report a small collection of successes which might not have happened if I was forced to work in a less comfortable environment.

In a recent post I mentioned I was going to be looking into Java in any spare time I got in my busy schedule, but that all changed last Thursday when we were told in Team Software Development that we had to create a Java recode of our C# / Silverlight project. My summer of experience with OpenGL has really paid off and I’ve been able to get pretty far on the back-end o the game, hiding away the OpenGL stuff with a class named Graphics, which will be passed around to Entities and contain ‘draw’ functions much like SpriteBatch in XNA. What this means is that the rest of my team won’t have to worry about the OpenGL implementation under the covers and should be able to just plow on with converting the game. To be honest I’d be pleased to carry on the project in Java alone – it’s a much nicer prospect than working with Silverlight through XNA and Silversprite, and it means we can use real perspective projection for our 2.5d gameplay, rather than faking it (Silversprite does not allow for 3D functionality). What this means overall is that I’ve had a kick-start in Java – I’ve found it to be rather nice, and it’s very easy to make the short leap from C#.

I’ve also made some progress with Pastry3D this weekend. While I began looking into scanline triangle rasterization as an alternative to using half-space equations, and even implemented it to some working extent, , I found the algorithm to be unwieldy and less flexible than my current solution, and opted to look into animating and texturing models instead. I’m happy to report success in these endeavors and the results will soon be added to the Pastry3D page in the form of screenshots and joyous ramblings.


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