Snowed in

I feel like I should explain the lack of updates – which is odd because there’s nobody here reading this. Well even I was caught out by the end of term this time, and deadlines are pressing ever tighter on my days. I’ve spent the entire week working on a 3D graphics demo for the PSP, and I have to finish a Pastry3D demo by the end of next week too, so I thought I’d dedicate this five minutes to writing this before I do a little more work, then head off to bed for an early start tomorrow.

I really can’t wait to get these deadlines out of the way so I can move on to a very productive christmas break. There’s lots of work to be done on my group project with the guys I live with, there’s DirectX to investigate in preparation for next semester, and I’d very much like to catch up on my Korean studies too.


Your thoughts:

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