We don’t talk about Ludum Dare 22

Okay, it wasn’t all that bad. The theme was ‘Alone’, as I had hoped, and we had plenty of good ideas to play with before coming up with a really good concept, that almost panned out. I’m back at home now, having had a couple more days rest since then, and looking back at what we made from the outside, it’s really not bad. You can play our finished game here. Problems? Well, we started out completely unprepared, had to whip together tile engine out of thin air and make do with poorly outlined classes as we resorted to sloppy coding far too early. We’re planning on entering again at the next opportunity though, as a team or as individuals, with all the knowledge and experience garnered from this first attempt. It can only get better.

Being back at home is also giving me real opportunity to stress test the laptop I bought a few months back from PCSPECIALIST, and I am very impressed. Devil May Cry 4 looks better than it does on an Xbox 360 (dated, perhaps, but still a damn pretty game), the keyboard is spaced perfectly and tap taps in a satisfying manner, the screen is crisp, bright, perfect, and the battery life isn’t at all bad if you’re just browsing. With this I look forward to the rest of my christmas break spent searching for work placements, getting a head start on DirectX for next semester – and playing a few games of course.

Now that I’m perfectly work-free for the time being, I WILL get around to updating the other pages around here, though I won’t be able to get a video of my software renderer up until I get access to my desktop, or one of the labs computers – my laptop isn’t quite good enough to deal with video recording and software rendering at the same time. I also have a few pictures of my PSP dev work that I took on my phone, directly from the ghosty, reflective, crappy screen of a PSP in the over-lit labs, but I may be able to clean these up enough for show.

I’ll be back soon, with a massive drill.


6 thoughts on “We don’t talk about Ludum Dare 22

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  2. I was only able to try out the game for a few minutes, but I hope to play it some more! Looking at your comments on the page I am going to assume you use XNA. What are your impressions of this framework? I am mostly a java developer, but I realize that I am limiting myself with making a game if I stick to java. The first programming language I played around with was C++, so I don’t think C# would be too difficult to pick up, but I want to find out some opinions of it.

    Anyways, great job for actually getting a project done, and done well! Good luck on the next Ludum Dare, who knows…maybe I will have time to compete in that one!

    • Hello there.
      Yes we used XNA for our Ludum Dare game; we considered Java but we chose XNA due to experience, and the larger ammount of framework it provides. I’ve used XNA extensively, and while the basic framework doesn’t lend you enough structure for a full game, it can easily be tamed and hammered into something very robust, and time invested in doing so is time well spent if you intend to make any large games in it.
      If you’re a competant C++ programmer you should have little difficulty in transfering to C#. If not, then C# would be a good starting point (it’s incredibly similar to Java). The main thing to note is that by default, in C#, classes are passed by reference while structs are copied verbatim, just like in C++.

      Thanks for the comment – what brought you my way?

      • Oh nice. Did you use any other sources besides XNA documentation that you would recommend? And you showed up under the game tag on WordPress, and I have heard of ludum dare so I thought I would give it a read!

        • The only site I can specifically remember using was http://www.innovativegames.net/blog/. I followed an engine building guide on this site once I was familiar with XNA, for a more structured approach. Our Univiersity didn’t provide much aid in learning XNA, only challenges, deadlines and motivation.

          I just flicked through your blog, then bought the Humble indie bundle ^^. You and Baader Meinhof just cost me $10.00.

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