Christmas Critique

Have you heard of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon? It’s where you encounter something repeatedly over a short period of time – say, a matter of days – having only just learned of it. Well, everywhere I went on the internet the other day, all I saw was Humble Indie Bundle this”, Humble Indie Bundle that”. Honestly, there weren’t many games present that caught my attention, but there were a few attractive titles amidst them, so I dropped my ten dollars into the pot, picking up bundles four, three, Gratuitous Space Battles, Cave Story+, and the soundtracks of each title. There’re still two days left to purchase this bargain bundle of games, and you can pay any price you like, so check it out. I’ve found some time to play a couple of these over the past couple of days, being on christmas break and all, and I’m already satisfied with my purchase – I’ve even considered doubling my contribution.

Now I like to write, but between working for my degree and continuing my other occupations I don’t get any time to do much of that anymore. The quality of my writing has dropped noticeably (to me) over the last year, and I’d very much like to sort that out; so here’s the idea:

I am going to review each of the games the Humble Bundle has given me as I play them, or as many as I can before I am once again swamped with coursework.

We’ll be starting with Super Meat Boy, the first game I played from the bundle (excluding Cave Story+, who’s original I’ve played before), and then moving on to Cogs.

Expect the first review or two today (I’ve not much better to do in a house full of tipsy adults playing Wii Sports). I’d appreciate any comments and feedback you have for my reviews to let me know I’m not doing it wrong – this isn’t something I’ve ever done before.


12 thoughts on “Christmas Critique

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  12. 15th Post, and I get a quote from Marsha Norman:
    “Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”

    Pretty sweet wordpress, thank you.

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