PSP Demo Video!

So I had a chat with one of the Techs from uni yesterday and managed to get a video capture of my PSP Demo from Console Development last semester. It’s not the greatest quality rip, but then the PSP’s screen is pretty crappy too. That said, it is much darker, grainier, and more contrasty than the demo appears when running on a PSP.

I overlaid the music from the closing titles on which the demo was based in VirtualDub while I was fixing the aspect ratio and tweaking the contrast, since I didn’t get time to actually figure out audio streaming on the PSP. Yes, the frame rate is poor because of the high-poly hummer model I used for See-Through, and a few bits of code which I’m going to look into optimising on monday, since this semester’s Console Development module is all about optimisation, and I get to play with the PSP tuner for monitoring the performance of my applications.

I’ll embed the video below and get back to work on the here and now. Maybe I’ll be back later to post about Battenberg. Maybe I won’t.


Your thoughts:

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