An email from my VPS provider this week notified me that they are ceasing to offer that service, which means that all my download links, self-hosted flash games, and other pages dependant upon it would cease to work come August 22nd.

That prompted me to take a closer look at the wider state of this site than I have in a long time, and to realise how little it is now representative of where I’m at or who I am. Rather than comb through all of the pages in the ‘Projects’ section in order to update all the download links, etc., and all the while cringing and wishing I had the time to rewrite every last syllable of every page, I’ve elected to remove the entire section for the foreseeable future, leaving just the main, blog post display, and the ‘About’ page. Links from previous posts will likely remain, but shouldn’t work anymore, and if you find yourself in that old, boarded up segment of the site, there’s no guarantee it’ll function as once intended.

Moving forwards, while I’d like to carve out some space to promote my past projects, because I am proud of what I have accomplished, and I think there are some genuinely fun and interesting ideas there, I’d prefer to keep a more minimalist space where I can post my more up-to-date ramblings, and about whatever future projects I pick up. Whether that means transferring to another service, or continuing here, I’m not certain – I haven’t really paid much attention to what the popular blogging or social networking type sites are in recent years, so I’m not sure where to look.


Your thoughts:

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