I’ve been drawing since I can remember, programming since highschool, and designing games with increasing degrees of proficiency since I first owned a NES. I began studying Korean (한국어) around christmas 2010, and I’ve every intention to continue assimilating new skills and knowledge until the day I die.

Should you decide to have a poke around you’ll find information on current and past projects, downloads of programs and games I’ve written (complete or incomplete), examples of my artistic endeavours, and links to other useful or relevant sites.

Right now I’m using this space more like a website than a blog, at least until I’ve a more interesting personal project underway – maybe a game, a tool, a comic, or something completely new.

To make (something elaborate or dainty) from various elements
To ‘put together’, from the Latin verb conficere, from con- ‘together’ + facere ‘make’