Jetpack Paladin


Completed: 07/04/20010
Platform: Adobe Flash
Size: 8.8mb

Jetpack Paladin is a platforming action-adventure spanning over 28 levels and 5 unique zones. Cut your way through zombies, elves, knights, dragons, merciless bosses, and so much more to discover the true source of your kingdom’s peril.

With pixel graphics, old-school difficulty, pattern-based enemies that respawn off-screen, original low-fi soundtrack by Calamaistr, and reams of (skippable) awkward dialogue, Jetpack Paladin is bound to tickle your retro-bone.

Are you a masochist? Game not challenging enough for you? Collect all the nails in a zone to unlock it’s bonus levels, or turn on sudden death and complete the game with only 1hp.

Levels are completed simply by making it to the end alive. Some levels may require you to press buttons or kill a particular enemy in order to advance. Vital statistics are displayed at the top of the screen, including a fuel gauge, which is depleted as you hold the thrust button. The game autosaves after every level you complete. Dialogue can be accelerated by holding the stab button.

Jump – Up
Walk – Left/Right
Stab – S
Thrust (when acquired) – A
Fly (when thrusting) – Up/Down/Left/Right
Fireball (when acquired) – Down + S

Hurry dialogue – S
Next dialogue – S

Pause – Enter
Quit (when paused or in dialogue) – Esc


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