Completed: 08/05/2009
Platform: Adobe Flash
Size: 7.6mb

UFO: ATK is a sidescrolling shoot-em up and semi-sequel to UFO: noir. Blast your way across three different environments, waves of enemies, and huge bosses. You can still beam up cows of course, and you’ll receive bonus points for the number you make it to the end of the level with. This time, however, you can also load them into your missile silos and smear them across enemy hulls. While the game draws from the original visual style of UFO:noir, the gameplay is entirely disimilar.

This game features (amazing) music from 8bitcollective.com. If you like it, go check out the artists:
Falco Lombardi – We are gravity
Nebulosation – Travel through the space clouds
alexicore5000 – Recharged
NNNNNNNNNN – Sayonara my kanashimi

A UFO doesn’t manouvre in quite the same way as conventional aircraft:
You’ll need the tilt the ship forward and backward in order to move up and down the screen, and your bulelts will fly out in the direction you are facing. Using this technique you can fire at enemies below and above you on the screen, and carefully adjust your movement speed. Tired of pressing fire? Turn on autofire! Tired ofthe bizarre controls? Turn on autolevel!

Steer – Up/Down
Level – A
Fire bullets – X
Fire cow missiles – C
Tractor beam – Spacebar
Pause – Enter


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