UFO: noir


Completed: 08/08/2008
Adobe Flash


UFO: noir is a stylized skill-based puzzle game that puts you in a ship of Agent 2137, an operative sent to earth to collect specimens for miscellaneous extraterrestrial experiments. Utilizing the ships unusual control system you must navigate over 30 perilous levels, collecting cows, humans, and avoiding everything from laser fences to automated cannons and radioactive hover-cows!

This was my first full flash game release, so the menus aren’t very intuitive, and it doesn’t use cookies. Still, the gameplay is pretty solid and there’s plenty of levels to sink your teeth into.

Take your time to master the controls in the early levels, because you’ll need all the agility you can muster later on. Thrust gently, a little bit at a time, and tilt your ship only slightly when you want to move. Passwords are given on the death screen and will automatically place themselves in the entry screen.


Start – LMouse
Password entry – Spacebar

Thrust – Up
Tilt – Left/Right
Beam – Spacebar


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