XNA Prototypes

Note: All of the games below required that you have .net and XNA framework 4.0 installed; they’ll not run on a Mac, and they’ll probably not run on Linux.

Total Collapse      DOWNLOAD (Mouse+Keyboard)       DOWNLOAD (Joypad+Joypad)
A two-player, cooperative game consisting of both sidescrolling shoot ’em up and match-three genres. While one player controls a spaceship in a standard alien-blasting manner, the other player must fire coloured balls from a cannon mounted on the ship’s back in order to hold back the match-three game which is encroaching on the first player from the top of the screen.

Total collapse was the final project for my first year Games Design module at university. The task was to create an asymmetrical, two-player, cooperative game such that an experienced gamer could play alongside a non-gamer, with the non-gamer being the focus of the experience.

At first it may seem that the players are playing two isolated games on the same screen, but the system of power ups, penalties, and the fact that the second player’s balls are fired from the first player’s position, all work to ensure that teamwork is an important and enjoyable aspect of the gameplay.

Downloads are available for Total Collapse which use either mouse and keyboard input, or two XBOX 360 controllers. Total Collapse also runs on XBOX 360 but is not available for download.

Infestation       DOWNLOAD
In Infestation you control something that vaguely resembles a top down view of a space-marine, and must avoid stepping on the live (purple) cells of Conway’s Game of Life playing out beneath your feet. If you stand on them you move more slowly, and that isn’t going to help you escape the ferocious alien monster on your tail now is it? Collecting coins is the only way to raise your score, but this also gradually increases the ways in which cells are added to the game, making it harder and harder to stay alive.

Challenged not only to implement Conway’s Game of Life, but to make it intro a real game (rather than a toy) in just a week, I decided to try something different from the obvious solutions by creating a game in which the player did not draw cells or even control the patterns in any way.

Pocket Doodle Attack       DOWNLOAD
Trace as many drawings as you can within the time limit. When you complete each doodle you receive a small time-refund for your efforts and a new drawing appears for you to trace. How long can you last?

Another rapid prototyping project; this week we selected a theme for the whole tutor group and each of us had to make a game based upon this theme. My group’s theme was ‘Things you find in your pocket’.

Pirate Ships       DOWNLOAD
A simple, 2-player, XNA implementation of the game ‘Battleships’ with a pirate-themed makeover. There’s no hook here, I chose to focus on presentation and smooth operation instead. However, this was the first game to use the SpongeCake XNA framework which I developed to allow for easier, more structured creation of XNA games.


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