Portfolio Update – Game Behaviour


I recently put up pages for two projects from the Game Behaviour module undertaken in the final year of my BScH in Computer Games Programming at the University of Derby, which I have now fully completed and received a very pleasant classification for.

You can now head over to the pages for Crispis and DropCakes, and The Frozen Firepits of Generic Dungeon Name for information on these projects, or to download the source code and executables. The former is simply a 2D physics sandbox built upon Box2D and a custom Entity/Component engine, and probably isn’t or much interest to many. The latter, however, you may find interesting if you’re into game design, classic roguelikes, fantasy games, and such.

The Frozen Firepits of Generic Dungeon Name (TFFGDN) was an experimental game design implemented for an artificial intelligence (AI) assignment; it did well, though the AI isn’t too interesting in my opinion. It’s a fusion of turn-based, physics-based mechanics similar to Snooker or Pool, and classic fantasy dungeon-crawler games where a party of adventurers of traditional achetypes such as Warrior, Wizard, Rogue, etc. enter into a monster-infest labyrinth seeking treasure. In its current state it’s not too thrilling; I had intended to implement magic and special abilities for player characters and enemies, which I think would make things a lot more exciting, but I just didn’t have time. I also feel like the physics could be tightened up a lot to increase the pace of gameplay, but I had to do a lot of fiddling with Unity just to get it working in the first place.

Come next week or so I’ll try to have some more information up regarding my dissertation project which was an investigation into AI for Don Eskridge’s The Resistance. Then I can get onto undertaking some small personal projects while I look for work.


Belated History Poke

Well that week went by quickly. I’ve been considering renting some sort of server to host this blog and any files I want to put up for download, especially since wordpress here won’t let me embed .swf files in my posts or elsewhere. I won’t be getting around to that immediately though, so for now I’ll just post a link to my old kongregate profile.

Here you can find the three large flash game projects I completed in the last few years before I came to university.

UFO: Noir was the first large game I released. This began with an experimental control mechanism that I pieced together during a spare moment in highschool. A lot of people found the controls frustrating when coupled with challenging levels, but I’m still rather pleased with the variety of obstacles I came up with for this concept.

UFO: ATK began as another experimental control mechanism, this time for a sidescrolling shooter. Since the controls and theme were similar, I decided to make this a spinoff of UFO: Noir. I recently played this through again, and I will concede that the controls are frustrating at first. Once you learn to aim, however, it feels fairly natural, and the bosses are rather shiny!

Jetpack Paladin is the latest. I went for a retro theme with this game and really put my back out making pixel art, tiles, interesting enemies, epic bosses, and tons of levels. It took the best part of a year to put together alongside my college studies and other hobbies, but the reception was ultimately disappointing owing to the difficulty level and amount of dialogue. Still, if you go into it expecting a story based action-adventure-platformer with some challenging levels, I think you’ll be pleased.

I have a couple of other things I’d like to mention, but I’ll leave that till another post.